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Our Story

Our pretzels were inspired, like so many other things, over several beers and empty stomachs. Grappling with our hunger and desire to continue drinking, we lamented the reality that soft pretzels are amazing yet crunchy pretzels are little more than salt conveyors. Our sadness quickly gave way to excitement as we realized that we could challenge the expectation that crunchy pretzels should be flat, extruded and bland by instead crafting them from the perfect soft pretzel.

In order to make the perfect soft pretzel, we started by sourcing the best local ingredients we could find. To that end, we use sunflower oil and organic flours that are grown and processed right here in Colorado. With these great ingredients and heads swimming with recipes, we set about testing to develop the perfect German pretzel. The most unusual variable in this traditional technique is lye bathing, which gives pretzels that shiny exterior and distinct flavor but needs to be properly concentrated to achieve the desired result.

It took time to develop a recipe we were thrilled with but the results have been worth the effort: we created a pretzel that challenges the prevailing notion that crunchy pretzels are homogeneous extruded sticks or knots that have little flavor and plenty of salt. Our pretzels are intensely crunchy yet light and airy, bursting with the flavors of whole wheat and rye while seasoned appropriately. In short, they're a far cry from what we've been led to believe is a pretzel. While our Original Salted pretzels are great on their own, they deliciously complement craft beer and spirits, soups, salads, dips & condiments, cheese, charcuterie, appetizers, and more. They're ideal for taking on a hike in the Rockies or for sharing with friends and family while cheering on the Denver Broncos.

With the initial success of our 2020 Good Food Award winning Original Salted Pretzels in many Front Range breweries, we decided we couldn't stop there, so we created seasonings out of pure ingredients (only things your grandmother would recognize) in order to complement and not overwhelm the flavor of the pretzels. To date, we have six permanent seasoned options including Salt & Malt Vinegar, Honey Mustard, Salt & Black Pepper, Sour Cream & Onion, Sriracha, and Cinnamon & Sugar. We're also now offering a Small Batch flavor that will change every season, so keep an eye out for that and let us know what new flavors you'd like to see! Order some today to have at home or check our Locations section to find some to pick up at your favorite brewery or grocer!


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