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3 new seasonal flavors!

Posted by Spencer Stackhouse on

Check our products page for two new seasonal Small Batch flavors and the return of Sea Salt & Black Pepper! The latter was such a hit that we thought we'd bring it back alongside a couple of new sweet seasonal flavors for the holidays!

The two new ones are: Arabic Coffee and Spiced Honey. For the first we used finely ground Silver Canyon Coffee with some sugar, organic cardamom, and organic cinnamon! It's bittersweet, aromatic, and delicious, you won't be disappointed with this unique flavor.

Spiced Honey is reminiscent of a ginger snap cookie and consists of honey powder combined with a slew of organic spices like ginger, nutmeg, clove, & cinnamon! It has enough ginger to be spicy yet it's balanced by the sweetness of honey combined with baking spices! They're the perfect two flavors for holiday gifting or to enjoy alongside some cold weather craft beers from Autumn pumpkin ales to heavy stouts, porters and more! Add some to your next order!